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Motoar Sky four rotor uav
  • MS1000 pro six-rotor UAV, the whole machine is made of imported aviation-grade composite materials. It is light in weight, foldable and disassembled, minimizes the storage volume, makes the field more convenient and convenient, uses multiple redundant sensors, and automatically plans to fly on the route. It ensures safe and stable flight. It can reach more than 30 minutes of actual working time under small load conditions, with a maximum load of 5KG, strong expandability and wide application fields.


  •      曼图拉-天际M S670机身采用高品质碳纤复合材料,体积小巧, 操作灵活, 可搭配2D/3D云台, 挂接GoPro、NEX5/7等微型单反相机, 适合空中拍摄、古建测绘、考古遗址、空中搜索、设备检测等工作任务。

       Motoar Sky专注于多旋翼无人机系统的研发、设计、生产及飞行服务, MS系列飞行器具有优越的性能及稳定性,机体内外部均采用碳纤维复合材料, 关键金属件采用钛合金材质,整体密封, 防雨、防尘、抗风, 依据航空级质量标准设计, 以确保其世界领先性