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Artec Space Spider
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Artec Space Spider
A new and enhanced precision instrument for CAD users and engineers, Artec Space Spider is a high-resolution 3D scanner based on blue light technology. It is perfect for capturing small objects or intricate details of large industrial objects in high resolution, with steadfast accuracy and brilliant color.

The ability of the scanner to recognize complex geometric patterns, sharp edges and precision threads sets our technology apart.

This is an ideal industrial 3D scanner, It can capture objects including molded parts, printed circuit boards, keys, coins and even

human ears with high accuracy, and then export 3D finished models to CAD software. Space Spider opens up endless possibilities

in areas such as reverse engineering, quality control, product design and manufacturing.

This new generation of industrial-grade 3D scanners was originally designed to meet the International Space Station,

adding super-temperature stability and advanced electronics. It can not onlyMake the scanner reach the maximum accuracy

in three minutes, because the equipment accuracy will not be affected by environmental fluctuations, and it can also ensure

the long-term reproducibility during data capture.The technology used in this powerful 3D scanner is continuously improved to perfection,

ensuring ultra-high-quality scanning that is truly durable.

3D scanning objects

Artec SpaceSpider can scan with complex geometry,

sharp edges, Fine ribbed small objects, including mold

parts, printed circuit boards, keys, hard Coins, and even

the human ear, a series of measurement and editing tools

can be used for data processing and export

Data to CAD software.

Unique design for space station to benefit the planet

Artec Space Spider is designed according to the technical

parameters of the International Space Station.

Artec was asked to design an upgraded version of Artec Spider,

which can last several months in height Effectively work

under the extreme conditions of the space station, the scanning

effect is more accurate and stable.

Stable and accurate long-term work

Space Spider uses a new advanced circuit, which greatly shortens

the warm-up time and works.Constant temperature of 36.6 °,

which can ensure long-term stable work in various

environments Performance and accuracy.

Save your precious time

For better scanning results, each measurement tool

is adjusted to specific job requirements To the optimal

state. And SpaceSpider can maintain high accuracy at different

temperatures Work and only need 3 minutes to adjust

time, saving you a lot of valuable time.

Speed and accuracy

The operating frequency is up to 1 million points

per second, far exceeding the laser scanner, and

the resolution(Up to 0.1mm) and high accuracy (up to0.05mm).


Light and portable

The scanner weighs only 850 grams (1.9 pounds) and has a compatible battery,

so you can Use Artec SpaceSpider at any time!

No marking and calibration required

You don't need to mark anything on the object, turn on the scan, and nothing more.

High-resolution restoration details

Bright scanning colors and high resolution (up to 0.1mm)

Real-time scan

Scan speed up to 7.5 frames / second, automatic alignment in real time.

Use safety

Artec Space Spider uses LED lights, both adults and children.

No hidden dangers.

Easy match compatibility

Artec 3D scanner can be easily matched with Artec Scanning Software Development

Kit Your personal custom scanning system.

Wide range of applications

Artec Space provides perfect solutions for a variety of industries, including

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive Industry,

Aviation Industry, Quality Management, Culture Protection and graphic design.

2 years warranty

Artec SpaceSpider is available immediately and has a long service life. Its

working performance is stableReliable, so the warranty period is doubled to

protect your product.


Texture acquisition

3D resolution

3D data accuracy

Relationship between 3D data accuracy and distance

Warm-up time required for highest accuracy

Texture resolution


Light source

Working distance

Scanning range at short distance x length x width

Long scan range

Scanning angle range length x width

Video frame rate

Data acquisition time

Data acquisition speed

Multi-core processing

Dimensions height x length x width



Connection interface

Output format

Output format for testing

Processing capacity t

System Requirements

Minimum computer configuration

warranty period



0.05 mm

0.03% reduction per 100 cm

3 minutes

1.3 mp

24 bpp

blue LED

0.17--0.3 m

90 mm x 70 mm

180 mm x 140 mm

30 x 21 °

7.5 fps


1 000 000 points / second


190 x 140 x 130 mm

0.85 kg / 1.9 pounds

12V, 24W

1 USB 2.0, USB 3.0




40 000 000 triangle / 1GB RAM

Windows 7 or 8-x64 recommended I5 or I7.12-18 GB

memory. NVIDIA GeForce 400 series

2 years