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FARO® Focus Premium
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FARO® Focus Premium

Capture accurate and complete measurements of buildings, facilities and complex environments with confidence

Capturing the measurements of a large building, facility, or crash/crime scene with conventional documentation methods can take days or weeks, and even then, the data might contain errors or missing details. But FARO Focus Premium creates accurate, complete and photorealistic 3D representations of any environment or object in just a few minutes. 

Focus Premium is easy to operate and offers built-in protection from dirt, dust, fog, rain and heat/ cold.

And, for best on-site data capture, Focus Premium connects with the new FARO Stream app, bridging FARO hardware to the FARO Sphere cloud environment. Pre-registration scans are fed directly into the cloud, so jobs can be done more efficiently — feedback is captured and processed as you work.

Combined with FARO’s companion products — Sphere and the Stream app — Focus Premium delivers better data faster. It enables reduced time to decision while streamlining efficiencies to meet the demands of today’s increasingly remote, digital workforce.

Business Value of Focus Laser Scanners

Never Miss a Measurement 

The comprehensive, fast, accurate capturing of everything within the Focus Premium’s Laser Scanner’s line of sight ensures that you never have to go back to a site for missing measurements. Pre-registering and viewing your 3D scan data on-site provides the confidence your teams need to know they are done with the job.

Reduce Rework and Material Waste 

Knowing the as-built conditions of your project ensures your designs fit the first time. And monitoring construction progress regularly and frequently in 3D helps you identify issues before they become costly and delay your schedule.

Manage Large and Complex Projects with Confidence 

In combination with FARO software solutions and WebShare (as part of Sphere) for easy 3D data sharing, you will always know what’s happening with your projects.

Manage Large and Complex Projects with Confidence In combination with FARO software solutions and WebShare (as part of Sphere) for easy 3D data sharing, you will always know what’s happening with your projects.

Make Informed Decisions

With the information at your team’s fingertips, they’ll be equipped to make smarter decisions faster and stay ahead of any problems.

Adapt As Needed 

With its unique expandability, a FARO Focus Laser Scanner grows with your needs. The integrated accessory bay allows you to add new sensors or indicators to your device. And the FARO Swift extension allows you to turn your Focus into a super-fast mobile scanning system for large indoor projects.

Focus Laser Scanner Performance

Up to 50% faster scan times
About 1 minute to complete a typical scan, in combination with the optional FARO PanoCam upgrade, even in color.

Super-High Color Resolution
The latest color technology enables the Focus Premium to capture scans with up to 266 megapixel color information.

Two-Year warranty
Competitive service means maximizing the life of this product while reducing the total cost of ownership throughout the device’s lifespan. Two years allows for maximum flexibility and the piece of mind knowing that any repairs or defective parts will be replaced.

Software Compatibility
Process your Focus Laser Scanner point cloud data with any software tool that fits your workflow, including FARO software solutions and third-party software such as Autodesk® ReCap™.

Multiple Point Clouds, Multiple Devices
The new Focus is also designed to work seamlessly with the FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner, thanks to its “Snap-In” feature. Save the time that is required for multiple scanner positions when it comes to scanning complex environments/structures, equipment or tight spaces. Snap-in enables the user to seamlessly add data starting from a Focus point cloud by using it as a reference for missing data from such hard-to-scan locations, including areas in shadow and objects with irregular geometries.

Focus Premium Features

Up to 350m scanning range, leading to superior area coverage per scan position

Smartphone-enabled remote control capabilities, limited only by the range of a Wi-Fi network

Improved wireless workflow with more stable and faster Wi-Fi operation

On-site registration, the process of combining multiple scans using common overlap, means faster project completion and real-time awareness of scan errors or missing data

Seamless connectivity with Stream and Sphere

Scanner control can be executed on either the app or on the actual Focus

Users have easy access to create projects, change scanner settings, manage image resolution, opt for color or black and white scans, group scans through clustering, and add annotations

Rugged construction and housing can withstand the tough day-to-day work

Integrated high-speed SSD data storage for maximum scan capacity and lighting fast scan processing

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Applications

Fast, Accurate As-built Capture and Modeling
Use Focus Laser Scanners to capture as-built data for building information modeling (BIM), industrial facility management and infrastructure projects. The accurate, complete data creates a strong foundation for conversions, extensions, space optimization, structural analysis and maintenance.

Improved Construction Quality Control 

Ensure the highest quality of your construction projects with Focus Laser Scanners. Precise laser scanning throughout the building process ensures that the final structure fits design intent, minimizing risk of deformations and other problems. Also perform large-volume calculations and inspect free-form shape elements and façade components with ease. The scan data is invaluable for project supervision and collaboration across trades.

Historic Preservation 

Use the scanners to create 3D models of historical sites and archeological objects for reconstruction, restoration and conservation.

Digital Twin for Asset and Facility Management
A key component of a smart factory is its digital twin — a comprehensive 3D digital copy of the facility. Use the Focus Laser Scanners to capture the as-built data you need for asset and facility management.

Public Safety Analytics Applications

Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning
Capture every detail of an environment for developing safety systems or for investigating crime/crash scenes, reconstructing bullet paths and uncovering the cause of a fire.

3D Metrology Applications

Enhanced Product Design and Engineering
Use Focus Laser Scanners to enhance the accuracy and speed of your design and engineering processes. When a product has no CAD data, simply scan it to get all the measurements you need for reverse engineering. And when manufacturing fixtures and fittings for ships, cars or aircraft, scan the complex interiors as your basis for planning conversions.

More Efficient Production, Fabrication and Assembly

Rely on Focus Laser Scanners to keep production moving efficiently. You can scan complex machine components for manufacturing documentation, or use the resulting 3D CAD data and dimensional control for precise-fit off-site assembly as needed.

Improved Quality Control and Inspection 

Use Focus Laser Scanners for precise 3D documentation and dimensional inspection of large, complex components such as rotor blades, turbines and ship propellers.

Performance Specifications

Unambiguity Interval

614 m for up to 0.5 MPts/sec

307 m at 1 MPts/sec

153 m at 2 MPts/sec



0.5 – up to 350 m


0.5 – up to 150 m


0.5 – 50 m

Max Speed

Up to 2 MPts/sec




Range Noise1,2,3




0.1 mm @10 m

0.3 mm @10 m

0.7 mm @10 m

0.2 mm @25 m

0.4 mm @25 m

1.2 mm @25 m

3D Accuracy4

2 mm @10 m

3.5 mm @25 m


Ranging Error5

±1 mm



Angular Accuracy6

19 arcsec







Temperature Range7


+5 ° to +40 °C

Extended Operating:

-20 ° to +55 °C


-10 ° to +60 °C

Additional Performance Specifications

Color Unit

Color Resolution

Up to 266 MPx color

Raw Color Resolution

867 MPx

HDR Camera

13 MPx - 2x, 3x, 5x brackets


Minimized due to co-axial design

Deflection Unit

Field of View

300° vertical9 / 360° horizontal


Step Size

0.009° (40,960 Pts on 360°) vertical /

0.009° (40,960 Pts

on 360°) horizontal

Max. Scan Speed

97 Hz (vertical)

Laser (Optical Transmitter)

Laser Class

Laser Class 1


1553.5 nm

Beam Divergence

0.3 mrad (1/e)

Beam Diameter at Exit

2.12 mm (1/e)

Data Handling and Control


Data Storage

SATA 3.0 SSD 128 GB

and SDXC V30 64 GB SD Card; SD3.0, UHS-I / SDXC / SDHC, max. 512 GB



Scanner Control


Via touch screen display and WLAN connection, Control by FARO Stream App (iOS & Android) or mobile devices with HTML

Interface Connection



IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n 2x2 MIMO, as access point or client in existing

networks (2.4 and 5 GHz)


USB 3 port

Additional Features

Dual Axis Compensator

Performs a leveling of each scan with an accuracy of 19

arcsec valid within ±2°

Height Sensor

Via an electronic barometer, the height relative to a

fixed point can be detected and added to a scan


The electronic compass gives the scan an orientation


Integrated GPS & GLONASS

On-Site Compensation

Creates current quality report and improves

compensation automatically

Accessory Bay

The accessory bay connects versatile accessories

to the scanner

Inverse Mounting


Real-time, On-site Registration

Stream App real-time scan streaming, registration,

overview map and Sphere cloud upload

Electronic Automation Interface

Available as option, only at point of sale

Digital Hash Function

Scans are cryptographically hashed and signed by the


Rescanning of Distant Targets

Defined areas recaptured in higher resolution at a

greater distance

Retake Photos

Select individual photographs with unwanted objects

and retake them

Tripod Safety

It is recommended that only one tripod segment is

used to maximize scanner stability


General Specifications

Power Supply

19 V (external supply), 14.4 V (internal battery)

Typical Power Consumption

19 W idle, 32 W scanning, 72 W charging

Typical Battery Operation Time

About 4 hours

Typical Scan Time8

About 1 min

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Class





4.4 kg (including battery)


230 x 183 x 103 mm


Recommended annually

Manufacturer Warranty

2 years

1. White 90% Reflectivity, Dark-gray 10% Reflectivity, Black 2% Reflectivity, for a Lambertian scatterer 

2. Ranging noise is defined as the variation of distance samples from repeated measurements of a single point at 122k Pts/sec 

3. Some surfaces can lead to additional noise | 

4. For distances larger 25 m add 0.1 mm/m of uncertainty 

5. Ranging error is defined as a systematic measurement error at around 10 m and 25 m 

6. It is recommended to perform on-site compensation in the event the unit is exposed to exceptional temperature or mechanical stress

7. Low temperature operation: scanner has to be powered on while internal temperature is at or above 15° C. High temperature operation: additional accessory Thermal Cover required 

8. Accelerated Profile with PanoCam 

9. 2x150°, homogeneous point spacing is not guaranteed 

10.Ferromagnetic objects can disturb the earth magnetic field and lead to inaccurate measurements

All accuracy specifications are standard deviations, after warm-up and within operating temperature range; unless otherwise noted. Subject to change without prior notice.