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Artec Studio 15
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Artec Studio 15

an advanced smart mode which guides users through 3D scanning and data processing in a few easy steps.

Answer some simple questions about the object you have scanned and Artec’s advanced 3D imaging software will select the most effective 3D algorithms for your data and will develop a high precision model ready for use in your professional application.

Main features

High precision

Whether you choose the easy automatic mode or the flexible manual mode,
Artec Studio will not sacrifice precision.
A series of tools provided by the software allow you to keep improving.


Quality control saves time

Artec Studio supports rapid measurement and mesh-to-CAD analysis.
Compatible with Geomagic Control X, enjoy high-quality inspection.


Scan to CAD

Fit primitives to 3D models, accurately locate, and speed up the progress of the project. straight
Then export the STEP file to SOLIDWORKS,
You can also export the mesh directly to Design X or Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS.


Ideal color

Artec Studio has a series of automatic tools for you to choose from,
Including higher quality color reproduction and automatic reflection removal function,
The colorful 3D model can be directly used for CGI or 3D printing.


HD mode

Artec Studio's AI neural network passes HD mode
Bring stunning high-resolution scans to Eva and Leo scanning users.


Creation and processing of large data sets

Imagine a powerful software that can process a data set containing 500 million polygons.
Artec Studio is just such a scan of large objects
And ideal for making high-resolution 3D models.


Convenient 3D scanning in ARTEC STUDIO

Powerful software is very important for the smooth scanning experience.
 To a large extent, it determines how the scanner obtains data and affects accuracy.
Artec Studio has advanced 3D data algorithms to bring you accurate results and at the same time,
 to bring you a simple and convenient 3D scanning experience.

Thanks to the new 3D radar mode, scanning under Artec Studio has become easy and simple.
 Artec Studio will present 3D data in green in real time,
It prompts you whether the scanner is at the ideal distance. If the scanner is moved closer,
 it will show red, if it is too far, it will show blue.
Therefore, you only need to stay green at all times to get the desired results.

Powerful algorithm to realize fast and humanized scanning

——No need to prepare the object in advance, open the 3D scanner, and operate in a fool-like manner throughout.

——"Automatically continue execution" function allows you to stop or continue the previous scan at any time.

——Texture and geometric pattern tracking algorithm, giving you a fast and smooth scanning experience.

——New algorithm, easily scan black, reflective or narrow objects.

——The intelligent base removal function can automatically remove and clear the base and the data below the placed object, and the arc-shaped base is not a problem.

You will only get useful data, no need to edit it again.


Scan with Mac

In addition to installing Artec Studio through Bootcamp,
Mac users can also use the free standalone application ScanApp to create high-quality, high-precision scans.
Users can enjoy the easy scanning process and experience a simple and ergonomic interface.
Users can also perform basic model processing in ScanApp,
And export the results to a Windows computer or Bootcamp
Deep processing is performed in Artec Studio on the installed Mac computer.


Fast automatic post-processing

The breakthrough automatic processing function of Artec Studio opens up a whole new field for 3D scanning.
Whether you are the first time you are exposed to 3D scanning,

you need detailed step-by-step guidance for 3D data processing,
Still experienced and need to improve your work speed.



Automatic operation processing mode: without sacrificing accuracy

Using the AS automatic operation function, 
you only need to pass 4 simple steps to have an accurate waterproof 3D model.



Automatic substrate removal

Automatically removes the base on which the scanned object is placed.

No need to manually erase the table, stand or floor!



Fast and accurate scan alignment

Automatic alignment for simple and fast processing.

Now, 95% of objects can be automatically aligned with one click with high precision.

Process in seconds

Save minutes by working with small objects,

Save hours on large projects!


Light speed texture application

Add high-quality textures to your models now!

Instantaneous mesh simplification

Reduce the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining mesh quality to optimize your 3D model file size.