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Company advantages
一、Rich experience 

Beijing Onrol Technology CO., a hightech enterprise,focus on 3D scanning technology applications in various industries,aswell as the development of special software system. Onrol aims to provide professional hardware and software solutions to support or cooperate with our customers’ projects, such as successful for water conservancy,forestry, transportation, geology, planning, unhistorical, archeology, public security departments, etc. We have partnership with over 16 global companies.

二、Global collaboration
Beijing Onrol Technology CO., as Kubit、 Faro、Riegl、Trimble、TopconGeneral agents and agents in china,Long term cooperation with the world's advanced 3D laser technology service providers, to provide customers with the best quality service.
三、Full hardware
We have Faro Focus3D、Riegl LMS 390i、Riegl LMS 420、Aicon 3D laser scanner,medium to long distance,Complex ancient architecture to broad terrain,can be competent for a variety of projects.
四、Strong R & D capability
We participated in the national public security "Eleventh Five" project, independent research and development of 3D laser scanning data processing platform and browsing platform, has been highly recognized by the public security field, and has been adopted by the State Copyright Bureau issued by the software certificate .The company will further deepen the study of software platform for all walks of life to provide a special platform for the application of the system.
五、First-class technical service
The core staff from 2000 began to engage in the ground three-dimensional laser related work,successfully pioneered the first application of multiple domestic industry,and Participated in the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of land and resources of the country in "11th Five-Year "issue,and Issued by the Bureau of cultural relicsThe compass plan”etc,3D laser technology  has been in the leading position in the domestic industry.
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