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RIEGL VZ-2000i
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RIEGL VZ-2000i
The development of VZ-2000i long distance 3D laser scanning system focuses on the future, and adopts a new generation of innovative processing architecture, combined with Internet technology and new full waveform processing technology, to provide users with simple, fast and accurate data acquisition solutions.

The new processing architecture of VZ-2000i enables it to independently complete different background tasks 

(such as point cloud registration, splicing, built-in inertial navigation orientation, etc.) while collecting data.

The extensive scanner software documentation (which can be read directly in the VZ-2000i's storage) provides 

a solid foundation for creating personal python applications that further enhance the scanner's capabilities.

SIM card slots for 3G/4G and WLAN, LAN, USB and other interfaces for connecting external devices or 

accessories (such as integrated GNSS units for high-precision RTK solutions) make the scanner more versatile.

The unique full waveform radar technology -- echo data, real-time waveform processing, multi-beam 

transceiver processing, so that even in dust, fog, rain, snow and other weather with low visibility, VZ-2000i can also be fast,

 high precision, long distance measurement.

Main characteristics


● Laser transmission frequency up to 1.2MHz
● Data measurement speed up to 500,000 points/second
● The primary safety laser field Angle is 100° × 360°, which is safe for human eyes
● Ranging up to 2500 m, measuring accuracy 5 mm

● Based on echo digitization, real-time waveform processing and multi-wave number

 transceiver Processing technology for accurate measurement

● New innovative processing module, can be collected data at the same time stitching
● Automatic data splicing

● Synchronous collection of point cloud data and image data
● Data over LAN, Wi-Fi
● or 3G/4G for transmission with cloud storage devices
● Fully compatible with VMZ hybrid mobile laser measurement system
● Multi-target detection capability
● Optional full waveform output module attitude estimation azimuth sensor
● Remote control
● Integrated GNSS receiver

Main application


● Terrain and mines
● Natural disaster survey
● Construction site supervision
● Urban Modeling

● Archiving archaeological and cultural heritage
● Tunnel measurement
● Civil Engineering
● Research