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a new way to measure mobile

GoSLAM RS100-RTK mobile measurement system

 integrates SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), 

that is, real-time positioning and mapping technology 

with RTK (Real - time kinematic) 

centimeter-level satellite differential technology, 

which can not rely on GNSS positioning such as GPS, 

and scan and build maps in unknown environments

such as indoor and outdoor space. 

It can also be used in 

an open outdoor environment 

to use the differential positioning system

 for positioning assistance,

 directly correct the accumulated error, 

so that the whole system can obtain more accurate 

point cloud data without closing the loop

 in the large-scale outdoor acquisition process. 

GoSLAM is committed to providing customers with 

mobile 3D laser measurement system

 product solutions with better user experience.

GoSLAM RS100-RTK mobile measurement system

 integrates SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), 

that is,

 real-time positioning and mapping technology with RTK (Real - time kinematic) 

centimeter-level satellite differential technology, 

which can not rely on GNSS positioning such as GPS, 

and scan and build maps in unknown environments such as indoor and outdoor space. 

It can also be used in an open outdoor environment to use the differential positioning system for positioning assistance,
 directly correct the accumulated error, 

so that the whole system can obtain more accurate point cloud data 

without closing the loop in the large-scale outdoor acquisition process. 

GoSLAM is committed to providing customers with mobile 3D laser measurement system 

product solutions with better user experience.

mixed solutions, export ready to use
centimeter-level real-time positioning, no need to close the loop

18 million panoramic collection and enrichment of point cloud information

long distance, high frequency

RTK differential
with centimeter-level positioning accuracy, it provides real-time accurate positioning for the slam system, corrects the stitching error at any time, and makes the slam system clear and accurate position at any time, without the need for a closed-loop path

panoramic camera
the 18-megapixel panoramic camera collects the images we need at any time, matches the point clouds, makes the data more realistic, allows us to retain more on-site information through the data, and makes the data more practical

hybrid solving techniques
the product has a unique hybrid solving technology to ensure higher accuracy, improve its own solving speed, and greatly improve the scanning efficiency

supporting post-processing software

standard post-processing application process
GoSLAM Studio Ultimate Software is a companion software specially designed and developed for the GoSLAM series of mobile 3D scanners that integrates device applications and point cloud processing, and is also compatible with third-party device point cloud processing.
The software has eight basic functions: one-click point cloud denoising, point cloud stitching, shadow rendering, coordinate conversion, automatic fitting of horizontal planes, automatic generation of point cloud data reports, orthographic photography, and point cloud encapsulation. GoSLAM adds a one-click stack data generation function for stack volume metering, making data acquisition more convenient.

scan distance:120m

scanning speed:650,000 points/sec

point precision:1cm (maximum)

scan range:360°✖285°

number of laser lines:32 lines

number of laser heads:1

product casing:aerospace grade aluminum (high protection, high interference immunity)


working hours:4 hours (dual batteries)

multi-platform:handheld, backpack, drone, vehicle and ship safety kits

how it is solved:mixed solution

mode of operation:PHYSICAL KEYS + MOBILE APP

working status:LED STATUS SCREEN

built-in ssd:500G SCALABLE

protection class:IP54

operating temperature:-30°-60°C


laser rating:level 1 eye safety

positioning accuracy:
V: ±(15+10-6×D)mm
H: ±(8+10-6×D)mm

location services:CHIHIRO, CORS, ETC

closed loop:not required (outdoor)

color imagery:18 million

network mode:4G FULL NETCOM

carry the weight of the system:5.5KG

navigation system:GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU

storage size: 30×6.5×42cm
unfolding size: 30×35×84cm