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Arena4D is the UK's Ltd Veesus research and development of an innovative 3D point cloud management application software, its technical core is cross platform point cloud rendering engine for viewing and editing the big point cloud data set. As a set of three-dimensional geographic information highly integrated solutions Veesus Arena4D, is the terminal application platform of 3D laser scanning, airborne LiDAR, mobile measurement, UAV tilt photography data acquisition information flow. 

It makes the time element and all kinds of data to be related to the application value of the data in the time dimension. Efficient and secure data according to the network broadcast mode, provides one of their own point cloud data server for users.

Arena4D is specifically aimed at three-dimensional point cloud and GIS data mining, visual operation, content browsing, video output, network publishing and other functions of the research and development of a super data carrying capacity of the multi functional software. Whether you use what kind of point cloud data collection tool, when you need to browse, edit, publish, splicing, analysis, reverse engineering application, video presentations or production operations such as point cloud data, Arena4D will be your best choice.

Software composition:

Arena4D Veesus series products contain three modules:

Arena4D Data Studio is a fully featured modular software package capable of displaying and editing massive point cloud data sets on standard PC hardware. Available as a FREE Basic edition capable of rendering point clouds at high speed it can easily be extended with new features as your needs rise.

Arena4D Point Server is an HTTP server capable of streaming Veesus Point Cloud (VPC) files across your network and the internet.Compatible with both Arena4D Data Studio, Arena4D for Rhino and Arena4D Web, you can now share your data from a central repository and seamlessly stream the point cloud data to your chosen client.

Arena4D for Rhino is a plug-in for the popular Computer Aided Design package Rhino by McNeel.Arena4D for Rhino leverages the XStream point cloud engine from our Data Studio tool and makes it available within the CAD environment.