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Laser radar technology service center

Center Introduction

Beijing onrol Technology Co. Ltd.—Laser radar technology service center,Based on the ground 3D laser radar technology services, leading the industry applications in various fields,and to create a number of industry's first successful application of the whole country.the core staff from 2000 began to engage in the ground three-dimensional laser related work,over the years accumulated a wealth of experience in the application,to provide customers with the industry scan, data processing, system platform research and development, project consultant, solutions, and a series of services.

Scanning service
We have Faro Focus3D(9800000 Points/s 150m)、Riegl LMS 390i(500m)、Riegl LMS 420(1000m)3D laser canner,Whether it is a narrow factory pipeline facilities and complicated structure, or a large area of the ancient building groups, broad terrain,onrol will provide the most suitable instrument for you, equipped with experienced engineer scanning, field data acquisition capability.
Scan data processing
We have participated in the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of land and resources of the "11th Five-Year" issue, bureau of cultural relics "compass plan" project, the success of various fields for the customer to provide high quality products according to the needs, and can provide free achievementdemonstration interactive browsing platform.
Laser radar technology consultant
We have participated in many national key projects, successfully pioneered the first application of multiple domestic industry, with many years of 3D laser scanning technology application experience, can provide customers with solutions from data acquisition, data processing, and a series of research and development platform, for your 3D laser scanning technology is successfully applied to escort.