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The VZ-6000 is a 3D laser scanner belonging to the VZ family that provides superior, even over 6000 m, ultra-long range measurement capabilities.

RIEGL V series scanners are based on digital echo and online waveform analysis capabilities to achieve ultra-long ranging 

capabilities. The VZ-6000 can be used even in dust, fog, rain, snow and other conditions with low visibility and recognition of 

multiple target echoes.

Main characteristics

  • ● Ranging over 6,000 meters
    ● Suitable for snow and glacier measurement
    ● Scanning field of view Angle 60°× 360°
    ● Laser transmission frequency up to 222,000 points per
  • ● High precision Digital waveform and real-time processing technology
    ● Can receive infinite echoes
    Waveform data output module (optional)

  • ● Built-in calibrated full-frame camera
    ● Built-in tilt compensation sensor
    ● Integrated L1 GPS receiver with antenna
    ● Integrated digital compass
    ● Built-in SSD
    ● Light and compact
    ● Camera Selection

Main application

● Topographic and mine survey
● Glacier mapping
● Snow area monitoring
● Ultra-long distance monitoring
● Civil Engineering