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The GoSLAM mobile measurement system uses SLAM technology (simultaneous localization and mapping), that is, real-time positioning and mapping technology, which does not rely on GNSS positioning such as GPS, and performs self-positioning and incremental three-dimensional mapping in the unknown environment movement such as indoor and outdoor space. GoSLAM is committed to providing user-centered 3D laser mobile scanning measurement system product solutions to bring better working experience to users.

Real-time solutions can be derived directly

  • Preview in real time to ensure data is correct 
  • High protection, multi-platform 
  • Long distance, high frequency, wide range

    Strong performance

    VS120 mobile measuring system equipped with horizontal fixed laser head, 120m range, 320,000 points per second acquisition capacity, 360° horizontal field of view Angle, point accuracy up to 1cm, product no exposed mechanical structure, more stable and durable.

    RTD real-time solution technology

    VS120 product features unique RTD real-time solution technology and real-time SLAM solution during scanning. The scan can be used without waiting for export, greatly improving the efficiency.

    Super weather resistance and multi-platform support

    VS120 system has super weather resistance, can operate in -35-60℃ environment, inherited excellent platform compatibility, support backpack, UAV, vehicle, unmanned boat, robot dog and other platform scanning mode, meet your mobile measurement of a variety of imagination.

    Live preview on touch screen

    The handheld device has a built-in HD touch screen and can preview the scanning data in real time during operation. It avoids problems such as data split-layer lost-lock and ensures data correctness


    Open system platform

    Rich external ports can easily connect to third-party device systems, providing a more open collaborative work mode, and bringing more possibilities for expanding application scenarios and application methods.

    GoSLAM Studio Flagship Version software is specially designed and developed for the GoSLAM series of mobile 3D scanners, integrating device application and point cloud processing. It is also compatible with third-party device point cloud processing.

    The software has eight basic functions: one-click point cloud denoising, point cloud splicing, shadow rendering, coordinate transformation, automatic horizontal plane fitting, automatic point cloud data report generation, forward photography and point cloud encapsulation. GoSLAM adds one-click heap data generation to bulk metering to make it easier to access data.

    Scanning distance


    Scanning speed

    0.32 million points/second

    Point accuracy


    Scanning range


    Number of laser lines


    Number of laser heads



    Real-time solution

    Live preview

    HD touch screen

    Working status

    LED status screen

    Built-in SSD

    500GB expandable

    Class of protection


    Operating temperature



    0.9kg (handheld)

    Laser level

    Level 1 eye safety

    Product shell

    Aviation grade aluminum (high protection, high anti-interference)

    Scanning localization

    SLAM technology (no GPS required)

    Working time

    2.5 hours


    Hand-held, backpack, UAV, vehicle-borne safety kits