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The VZ-4000 is a 3D Laser scanner belonging to the VZ series. It uses Laser Class 1, which is safe for human eyes, while having the ability to measure ultra-long distances up to 4000 m.

The V-series scanner achieves ultra-long ranging capability through digital echo and on-line waveform analysis. 

The VZ-4000 can even be used and effectively identify echoes of multiple targets in low-visibility environments such as dust, 

haze, rainy days and snow days.

Main characteristics

  • ● Ultra distance ranging up to 4,000 meters
    ● The use of human eye safety of the first laser
    ● Scanning field of view Angle 60° × 360°
    ● Laser transmission frequency up to 222,000 points per second
    High precision ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform 
  • processing technology
    ● Multiple target detection capability
    Waveform data output module (optional)

  • ● Built-in calibrated full-frame camera
    ● Built-in tilt compensation sensor
    ● Integrated L1 GPS receiver with antenna
    ● Integrated digital compass
    ● Built-in SSD
    ● Light and compact
    ● Camera Selection

Main application

● Topographic and mine survey
● Ultra-long distance monitoring
● Civil Engineering
● Archaeology