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Artec Ray
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Artec Ray

High-precision remote laser 3D scanner, perfect for precise capture of large objects.

This remote 3D scanner is the fastest and accurate, with advanced laser technology built-in, suitable for capturing large objects such as wind turbines, marine propellers, airplanes and buildings. The 3D scan quality produced by Artec Ray is first-rate, with scan quality up to sub-millimeter ranging accuracy, and angular measurement accuracy is second to none. Therefore, compared with other laser scanners, the data it captures is significantly cleaner and the noise level is minimized. There is no doubt that this greatly improves the speed of post-processing and saves a lot of trouble afterwards.


—Sub-millimeter accuracy

—Scan large vehicles, pipes or buildings

—Perfect for reverse engineering and inspection

—This laser 3D scanner has extremely high precision, fast speed and sub-millimeter accuracy, ensuring that no details are missed

—Cleanest 3D data capture represents the shortest post-processing time

—Perfect for reverse engineering, inspection and construction. Large objects can be scanned both indoors and out!

Easy 3D scanning

Artec Ray is lightweight, compact and user-friendly, allowing you to explore the power of this 3D laser scanner to a large extent. Whether it is large-scale industrial quality control,

need to obtain 3D measurements, or protect cultural relics, you need to create accurate 3D models. All you need to do is place Artec Ray on a tripod in front of the object and press the button!

Easy and convenient 3D data capture

This versatile remote LIDAR solution is compact and lightweight, using more advanced 3D laser scanning technology. The built-in battery of the scanner can work continuously

for up to 4 hours regardless of indoor and outdoor. You do not need to find the surrounding power supply. This is undoubtedly a very effective solution for 3D scanning in the field.

Advanced software compatibility

You can perform 3D scanning and data processing directly in the powerful Artec Studio software through a series of tools, and then seamlessly export to Geomagic Design X

with one click to sublimate your 3D laser scanning work.

Operate Artec Ray on your phone or tablet

With the Artec Remote application, you can easily scan large objects at all angles without being tied to a computer. You can control the scanning process from your mobile

device or tablet while WiFi is connected. Artec Remote for iOS and Android is now available.


3D scanning all products

Used in conjunction with other Artec handheld scanners, such as Eva or Spider, it can easily scan difficult areas, such as the interior of a car, and easily add fine details to

large 3D models. Ray's remote 3D scanning capability combined with the intelligence of other Artec handheld 3D scanners will definitely unlock the unlimited potential

of 3D scanning technology.



High Quality Mode

High Sensitivity Mode

Recommended Work Range

1-50 m

1-110 m

Ranging error

0.7 mm @ 15 m

<0.9 mm @ 15 m

Angular accuracy

25 arcsecs

Range noise, 90% reflectivity

0.12 mm @ 15 m

0.25 mm @ 15 m

Range noise, 10% reflectivity

0.3 mm @ 15 m

0.7 mm @ 15 m

Speed, points/second


Scanning modes

Autonomous or via USB


Two fully integrated 5 megapixel cameras

Field-of-view per scan

Horizontal (maximum)


Vertical (maximum)


System specifications

Scanner Type

Phase Shi , Hemispherical Scanner with 360° × 270° field of view

Distance Measurement Method


Laser Wavelength

1550 nm

Laser Type

Continuous Wave

Laser Class: (IEC EN60825-1:2007)

Class 1

Internal Coordinate Representation Unit

0.001 mm

Angular position data

Beam diameter at Aperture

3 mm

Internal Angular Representation Unit

1 arcsec


Scan density control: so ware selectable

Min. Vertical Point Density

12 points/degree

Min. Horizontal Point Density

2 points/degree

Max Vertical Point Density

80 points/degree

Max Horizontal Point Density

80 points/degree

Physical dimensions and weight

Weight with battery

5.74 kg

Dimensions L × H × W

287 × 200 × 118 mm

Power specifications

External power supply voltage

14-24 V DC, 30 W

Internal battery power supply

Two Li-Ion 14 V, 49 Wh batteries, powers the scanner for up to 4 hours.

Power consumption

30 W

Computer requirements

Supported OS

Windows 7, 8 or 10 – x64

Minimum computer requirements

i5 or i7 recommended, 32 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 400 series