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UAV Tilt photography
  • Motor Sky has analyzed the actual problems and requirements in the operation of tilt photography through years of experience in the development of tilt photography system and feedbacks from a large number of customers. The indexes and practical functions of the new tilting camera are confirmed. 2019 has created a new generation of more practical, more stable and more efficient tilt photography cameras for industry customers.
  • The MS F5II intelligent tilting system, with its light weight and high-pixel full-frame image quality, is an excellent match for drone systems, providing users with the highest quality performance and high resolution tilt photogrammetry solutions.
  • MS Q5 four-generation full-function tilt camera system, using the industry's best technology integration, lighter weight, smaller size, smarter, built-in IMU inertial navigation system, built-in GPS image position module, using synchronous all-drive technology ultra-high exposure synchronization With a new lens series, the picture quality is greatly improved, the supporting software system can monitor the whole working state, support all flight control in the market, and seamlessly support RTK and PPK system expansion.