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FARO Focus3D X130
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FARO Focus3D X130

The ultra- portable Focus3D X 130 enables fast, straightforward, and accurate measurements of accident sites, complex structures, crime scenes, facades, production and manufacturing facilities, and large-volume components. Combining the highest-precision scanning technology with authentic mobility and ease-of-use, the Focus3D X 130 offers reliability, fl exibility, and real-time views of recorded data. The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used soft-ware solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, construc-tion, forensics, industrial manufacturing, and shipbuilding and other applications.

Mid-Range Scanning - up to 130 m

With a range of up to 130 m the Focus3D X 130 Laser Scanner is ideal for various applications such as architecture, construction, facility management, forensics, historical preservation, shipbuilding and many others.

Extra Positioning – Integrated GPS Receiver

With its integrated GPS receiver, the Focus3D X 130 is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing and provide the exact time and location of each scan.

Extra Portable

The Focus3D X 130 is only 240 x 200 x 100 mm in size, with a weight of just 5.2 kg. A waterproof hardcase and an ergonomic backpack tripod holder make the device truly portable.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

WLAN remote control allows starting, stopping, viewing, and downloading of scans from a distance.

Best Value for the Money

new Focus3D X 130 delivers extraordinary performance at an affordable rate, and is unique in the laser scanning market.

Ranging unit






Unambiguity interval:


> 130 m



Range Focus3D X 130:


0.6m - 130 m indoor or outdoor with upright incidence to a 90% refl ective surface

Measurement speed (pts/sec):


122,000 / 244,000 / 488,000 / 976,000


Ranging error1:






Ranging Noise2

@10 m

@10 m-noise compressed3

@25 m

@25 m-noise compressed3

@ 90% refl .

0.3 mm


0.15 mm

0.3 mm

0.15 mm

@ 10% refl .

0.4 mm


0.20 mm

0.5 mm

0.25 mm

Color Unit









Up to 70-megapixel color



Dynamic color feature:


Automatic adaption for brightness





Co-axial design



Deflection Unit






Field of view (vertical/horizontal):




Step size (vertical/horizontal):


0.009° (40,960 3D-pixel on 360°)/0.009° (40.960 3D-pixel on 360°)

Max. vertical scan speed:


5.820 rpm or 97 Hz



Laser (Optical Transmitter)





Laser class:



Laser Class 1






1550 nm



Beam divergence:



Typical 0.19 mrad (0.011°, 1/e, halfangle)


Beam diameter at exit:


Typical 2.25 mm (1/e)



Data Handling and Control





Data storage:



SD, SDHC™, SDXC™; 32 GB card included


Scanner control:



Touch-screen display and WLAN


New WLAN access:



Remote control, and scan visualization are possible on mobile devices with Flash®







Dual axis compensator:


Accuracy: 0.015°, Range: ± 5°



Height sensor:



Via an electronic barometer, the height relative to a fi xed point can be detected and added to a scan.




The electronic compass gives the scan geographic orientation. A calibration feature is included.




Integrated GPS receiver