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FocusS 350/350 PLUS
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FocusS 350/350 PLUS

The FARO FocusS 350/350 Plus is specifically designed for outdoor applications due to its smaller size, ultra-light weight and longer scanning distance. The FocusS 350 can obtain scan results even in harsh environments, narrow job sites, dusty or humid areas, rain or direct sunlight. On-site compensation tools allow data quality to be optimized on-site. The integrated GPS and GLONASS receiver enables easy positioning. HDR imaging capabilities and high-resolution photo resolution guarantee realistic, detailed scan results and high data quality.

Scanning distance up to 350m
Focus series laser scanners use the latest technology and have high accuracy, and provide customers with different options of short, medium and long distances.

Adaptable and fast
Whether you are indoors or outdoors, in bright sunlight or completely dark, you can record any venue or scene in just a few minutes. Custom settings for data acquisition in any scene, with scan speeds up to 976,000 points / second.

IP54 protection and extended operating temperature range
The Focus device is hermetically sealed, certified to industry standard foreign object protection (IP) ratings, and provides level 54 protection against environmental impact. In addition, a wider operating temperature range allows the device to perform scanning in extreme temperature conditions.

On-site compensation *
With on-site compensation, users can immediately verify or adjust Focus compensation at the site or office before scanning, ensuring high-quality scanned data and traceable documents. Automatic generation of detailed compensation files.

On-site registration *
During field data acquisition, the laser scanner can instantly transmit the scanned data wirelessly to FARO SCENE for real-time scanning processing and registration, thereby increasing efficiency and saving time.

Scan group function (rescan long distance targets)
The scan group feature identifies multiple areas to be rescanned at a higher resolution to perform accurate target detection or capture more details of the area of interest.

Photo retake options
No need to redo the entire scan. Select an image and retake the photo in seconds.

Accessory expansion port *
With this expansion interface, users can connect more accessories to the scanner, providing users with options for special customization.

Light weight and small size
Weighing only 4.2 kg, the Focus laser scanner is truly mobile and portable.

HDR photo overlay
With the Focus HDR feature, lighting issues will no longer affect user scan results. The preset HDR configuration improves the quality of scanned images in very bright or dark environments.

Digital hash algorithm processing functions
Automatic digital hash algorithm processing functions provide cryptographic security for all raw scans by hashing the data at the time of acquisition. Use a scan verification tool to ensure that the scanned files have not been altered in any way and that the data has not been altered since the first acquisition.

Status indicator *
The visual indicator provides the operator with the status of the laser scanner, which improves site safety.
* Only for FocusS series




Facade inspection: 3D inspection of the frame and facade components of the building before final assembly

Scan to BIM: Turn real-world information into a BIM model

Construction environment: accurately record the geometric data of existing properties to provide a basis for reconstruction or expansion

Spatial optimization: pre-created 3D models




Structural analysis and maintenance: quickly and cost-effectively test the stability and support of support structures

Construction progress monitoring: seamlessly capture and monitor construction progress to provide legal and technical documentation

Irregular component detection: accurate dimensional inspection of complex components (such as irregularly shaped components)

Deformation control: document the deformation process and monitor countermeasures

Coordination: Improved multi-industry project cooperation


Cultural heritage


Detailed 3D data can be used to reconstruct missing parts of monuments and archeological objects

Create 3D models for restoration purposes, retaining the original appearance of the building without the need for scaffolding

Create accurate 3D CAD files to protect historical artifacts and antiquities



Detection and reverse engineering


Reverse Engineering: Copy products and components without construction drawings and / or CAD data

Internal devices and equipment: as the basis for the reconstruction plan, accurately create 3D CAD files of complex internal structures of ships, cars or aircraft

Manufacturing Documents: Create complete 3D documents for the manufacturing status of complex mechanical parts

Quality control: Accurate 3D documentation and dimensional inspection of large and complex components (such as rotor blades, turbines, ship thrusters, etc.)


Manufacturing and Digital Factory


Reconstruction and Expansion: Accurately record 3D data of current property conditions as a basis for reconstruction and expansion planning

Off-site production: precise off-site assembly with accurate 3D CAD data and dimensional control

Asset management: Simplify facility management, maintenance and training through comprehensive 3D master data, simulation and virtual reality training

Promote coordination between different industries, improve the comprehensiveness of documents and supervision of all work


Public safety and law enforcement forensics


Crime scene investigation and analysis:
FARO Laser Scanner Focus makes complex investigations faster and easier

Bullet trajectory reconstruction:
Fast and accurate reconstruction of bullet trajectories by combining traditional survey methods with state-of-the-art laser scanning technology

Car accident investigation and analysis:
Use FARO laser scanners to quickly, reliably process, investigate and analyze traffic accidents and their causes and effects

Automotive passive safety:
Using laser scanners to test passive safety systems to mitigate the consequences of accidents plays a vital role in helping passengers survive

Fire investigation:
Detailed reconstruction of the fire scene

Security and advance planning:
Record and share building design and site information faster and in more detail


Civil Engineering / Surveying


Scan large and distant objects: Thanks to the extremely long scanning distance of the FocusS 350, it is easy to scan and analyze tall, long or hard-to-reach objects

Project monitoring: When there are foundation pits, bridges, high towers, opencast mines, roads, railways, reservoirs, and pipelines to be built, it is necessary to closely monitor each project stage to meet the project requirements

Deformation monitoring: Determine whether the structure or object being measured is deformed or displaced. Speed up construction progress and reduce rework

Large-volume calculations: When measuring loose bulk materials, such as those in barges, silos, or warehouses, perform periodic volume checks

Volume measurement is an important consideration. Laser scanning allows fast, accurate and reliable sizing calculations

Quality Control: Precise laser scanning ensures final completion meets design goals and minimizes the chance of potential problems




As-built archives: 3D laser scanning solutions ensure digitization of hulls and components when original drawings are missing or erroneous (as is often the case with older ships)

Retrofit of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWT): Future legislation requires the installation of ballast water treatment systems on all ocean-going vessels. 3D laser scanning can overcome various difficulties, such as measuring the narrow space in the cabin and capturing reliable data to improve the installation method

Ship repair: 3D laser scanning provides a fast and accurate method for inspecting ship components during repairs


Facility management


3D archiving: Focus accurately records inventory data required by property managers-whether it's

The structure of the production plant or the service equipment in the office building

Structural transformation planning: Scan data provides accurate three-dimensional models of the actual condition of the building. As a result, property managers can analyze room use options before planning actually begins

Technical re-planning: technical equipment can be described and checked in advance in virtual models

(E.g., pipes, ducts, and power lines). This laid a solid foundation for re-planning



-Measurement range from 0.6 meters to 350 meters
-High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo recording 2x / 3x / 5x
-Measurement rate up to 976,000 points per second / up to 2 million points per second (350 Plus)
-Distance accuracy up to ± 1 mm
-Sealed design-IP54 protection
-On-site compensation
-On-site registration (using FARO SCENE)
-Scan group function (rescans distant targets at higher resolution)
-Digital hash algorithm processing function
-Photo retake options
-Accessory expansion interface
-Angular accuracy: 19 arc seconds (vertical / horizontal)
-Integrated color camera: resolution up to 165 M pixels
-Laser type: Class 1
-Weight: 4.2Kg
-Multi-sensor: GPS, compass, altitude sensor, dual axis compensator
-Size: 230 X 183 X 103mm
-Scanner operation: operation via touch screen display and Wi-Fi