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MS Q5 four generations
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MS Q5 four generations
MS Q5 four-generation full-function tilt camera system, using the industry's best technology integration, lighter weight, smaller size, smarter, built-in IMU inertial navigation system, built-in GPS image position module, using synchronous all-drive technology ultra-high exposure synchronization With a new lens series, the picture quality is greatly improved, the supporting software system can monitor the whole working state, support all flight control in the market, and seamlessly support RTK and PPK system expansion.


Quickly mount various flight hosts:

As a universal tilt photography system, the system not only supports the control docking of multi-flying control platform, but also has a simple, reliable and versatile hook structure.At the same time, the quick-release structure can be quickly customized according to different models. The MS Q5 four-generation series can be connected to various flight hosts such as MS series, Dajiang M600, vertical take-off and landing fixed wing.

3D model renderings:

Number of shots      
Tilt angle      
0°× 1&45°× 4
Single lens effective pixels  
24.3 million pixels, total pixels > 120 million
Sensor Type    
Sensor size    
APS-C format
Minimum photo interval      
Continuous photo taking time
External battery or aircraft power
Support flight control system  
all flight control, PWM signal, level signal, etc.
Focus type  
Infinity mode
Lens type  
Fixed-focus lens, users can replace the corresponding focal length lens according to their needs
Data access mode  
Unified storage, unified first-line export
GPS mode    
Built-in GPS, can record and export exposure point GPS information
Attitude information  
Built-in IMU inertial navigation system, can output the exposure point attitude angle information