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Heritage preservation solution

Solution overview

Cultural relics in the history of the development process is the legacy of the relics, relics. It is a valuable historical and cultural heritage of mankind. Heritage refers to the specific material remains, its basic features are: first, must be created by human beings, or is related to human activities; second, had already become history and not be able to re create the. Therefore, the protection of cultural relics is particularly important. And for the protection of cultural relics, has not been a perfect way. Under the premise of ensuring the cultural relics are not damaged, the three-dimensional information and color information of the cultural relics are recorded in detail.

3D scanning technology, the use of high precision grating on the cultural heritage of non - contact scanning, to obtain a fine complete three-dimensional model of heritage.. Both to meet the needs of Heritage Archives, but also for the virtual display. For the protection and repair of cultural relics to provide a true and complete three-dimensional data. Solve the problem of traditional way of filing can not directly reflect the structure of cultural relics and other characteristics.