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Archaeological survey solutions


Solution overview


3D laser scanning technology is a new and high technology, which has the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, strong real-time and so on. It is a good solution to the current development of the space information technology in real-time and accuracy of the neck bottle. Therefore, it quickly becomes an important technical means for the 3D digital archive of archaeological sites. At the beginning of twenty-first Century, the 3D laser has been applied in the field of archaeology, as used in the 3D digital archive site in Western Zhou Dynasty, and the digital camera combined with fast 3D reconstruction of the archaeological site, the realization of digital archive protection of cultural relics in the archaeological site to establish the complete and accurate, permanent, provides important data for the research of 3D digital China archaeological research archive.

Appearance of 3D laser scanning technology provides a powerful technology for 3D digital archive of archaeological sites, with convenient operation, high measuring precision, high measuring speed, large amount of data collection, measuring distance, visual results, results in various forms and other advantages, and the number of mature point cloud data processing software, and with the effective combination of traditional surveying data processing software, and provides a new way for the traditional measurement and reduction. In the shortest period of time through a small number of staff, safe access to a large number of intuitive, comprehensive three-dimensional measurement point data, and most of the work will be transferred to the indoor complete.