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BIM solutions

Solution overview


BIM technology is the data of a tool used in engineering design, construction, management and related information through the integration of various model parameters of the project, in project planning, the full life cycle of operation and maintenance for the sharing and transfer, engineering and technical personnel to make the correct understanding of all kinds of building information and efficient response, foundation for the design team, including the construction of operating units, the construction of the main parties to provide collaborative work, play an important role in improving production efficiency, save cost and shorten the construction period.

Building information data in the BIM storage, mainly in a variety of digital technology as the backing, so as to this digital information model as the basis for the various construction projects, to carry out the various related work. So it is very important to set up the digital model accurately and quickly, which plays an important role in the construction and management of the project. The difference between the establishment of digital model technology to the traditional manual, 3D laser scanning technology based on high precision scanning in building and automatic establishment of digital model, ensure the accuracy of the digital model at the same time, greatly improving the work efficiency.