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The MS F5II intelligent tilting system, with its light weight and high-pixel full-frame image quality, is an excellent match for drone systems, providing users with the highest quality performance and high resolution tilt photogrammetry solutions.

The F5II tilt camera system uses a full-frame sensor with 42.4 megapixels and 0.07 second focus speed, resulting in a noticeable improvement in picture quality and response time. Not only supports PTK and PPK template upgrades, but also greatly reduces the accuracy of control points to improve operations. Also supports a variety of lens sizes, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, can be replaced according to project needs.


Quickly mount various flight hosts:
As a universal tilt photography system, the system not only supports the control docking of multi-flying control platform, but also has a simple, reliable and versatile hook structure. At the same time, the quick release structure can be quickly customized according to different models. The MS F5II series can be connected to various flight hosts such as MS series, Dajiang M600, vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing.

3D model renderings:

Number of lenses:                     5
Tilt angle:                                 0° × 1 & 45° × 4
Single-lens effective pixels:         42.4 million pixels, total pixels > 210 million
Weight:                                    2.35KG
Sensor Type:                            CMOS
Sensor size:                              full frame
Minimum photo interval:            ≤1S
Dimensions:                             420*270*150mm
Continuous photo taking time:    internal and external hybrid power supply, built-in battery > 4 hours
Support flight control system:     all flight control, PWM signal, level signal, etc. in the market
Focus type:                               Fully automatic high-speed focusing, and support switching infinity focal length
Lens type:                                fixed focus lens, users can replace the corresponding focal length lens according to their                                                                                        needs
Data access mode:                    unified storage, unified first-line export
GPS mode:                               Built-in GPS, can record and export exposure point GPS information
Attitude information:                 built-in IMU inertial navigation system, can output the exposure point attitude angle                                                                                                information
PPK (optional):                         built-in PPK differential system, 1-20HZ adjustable, centimeter-level positioning accuracy