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MS-1000 Pro
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MS-1000 Pro

MS1000 pro six-rotor UAV, the whole machine is made of imported aviation-grade composite materials. It is light in weight, foldable and disassembled, minimizes the storage volume, makes the field more convenient and convenient, uses multiple redundant sensors, and automatically plans to fly on the route. It ensures safe and stable flight. It can reach more than 30 minutes of actual working time under small load conditions, with a maximum load of 5KG, strong expandability and wide application fields.

Product advantages
-- Key metal parts are made of titanium alloy
-- 32-bit processor, master-slave processor, redundancy sensor, guaranteed flight
-- The ground station is equipped with a mapping module, which automatically selects the camera, height, and image overlay to automatically generate routes and exposure points.
-- Excellent ground station system, fully automatic take-off and landing, depending on the actual terrain and building obstacle avoidance flight options
-- The arm can be folded and the small size is more portable
-- Can be equipped with a variety of sensors for multiple industries
-- Directional navigation lights, safer flight
-- Military-grade HD real-time image transmission, screen can be 4G relay headquarters large screen (optional)
-- With real-time flight log record, each flight status information can be reviewed and analyzed.
-- Streamlined design, powerful powertrain with super long-duration performance
-- Randomly equipped with third party insurance, flying more assured
-- The body is made of carbon fiber material, rainproof, dustproof and anti-jamming
Designed for long-haul shooting, monitoring, surveying, and data acquisition tasks, it has an excellent mission navigation system. Suitable for long-range large-scale missions.
Used in: fire protection, geology, construction, water conservancy, cultural protection, 3D modeling, public security, electric power, forestry, rescue, solar energy, anti-terrorism.

Wheelbase:                              1133MM
Number of rotors:                     6
Drive method:                          electric
Maximum speed:                      60km/h
Wind resistance:                       Level 6
Working temperature:                -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Maximum load:                         5kg
Maximum mounting:                  5kg
Maximum takeoff weight:           16kg
Image transmission distance:      5km
No-load life time:                       60min
Working height:                         4000m
Practical ceiling:                         800m
Positioning mode:                       GPS, Beidou, GLONASS
IMU temperature control mode:   constant temperature
Flight mode:                              manual, automatic waypoint, hover, auto return, automatic landing