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FARO® SCANARM® Scanning Arm
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FARO® SCANARM® Scanning Arm
With simple plug-and-play functionality, users can install the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD to the Quantum measuring arm to create an integrated measurement solution.
Hard and laser probes can alternately acquire digital information without removing any parts. Users can use the hard probe of the scanning arm to digitize simple features, or seamlessly scan materials on different surfaces. No matter what contrast, reflectivity or component complexity, no special coating or target is required. .
Quantum ScanArm® HD is an ideal tool for inspection and quality control. It also has features such as point cloud comparison with CAD, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling of freeform surfaces.
FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD uses blue laser technology with excellent optical performance, which has better scanning effect and higher resolution. FAROBlu also uses advanced sensors and custom optics to increase capture speed and obtain more accurate data.

With Quantum ScanArm HD, the perfect combination of contact and contactless portable CMMs, you get unrivalled contactless 3D scanning capabilities for detailed measurement of various surface shapes.


QuantumS ScanArm HD provides greater measurement performance and consistency for contact and non-contact measurement needs in a variety of work environments.


The FARO QuantumM ScanArm HD provides a better starting point for mobile contact and non-contact measurement applications.

FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD uses advanced technology to provide better scanning capabilities:
Blue laser
FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD uses blue light technology with outstanding optical performance. Blue lasers have shorter wavelengths and are better at finding small details of objects, which can provide better scanning results with higher resolution. Compared with the red laser, the speckle noise of the blue laser can be reduced by half.
Advanced sensors
FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD cameras use state-of-the-art CMOS technology with frame rates (the number of times the camera collects new data on the scanned part per second) up to 300 frames per second (fps).
Custom optics
FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD uses large-diameter custom optics to collect more light and data, providing better accuracy and sharper, more vivid images. With greater advantages, it supports larger laser line width, larger scanning area, faster scanning speed and higher efficiency.
Laser line width
The laser line width of the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD is 150mm. Wider laser lines can scan larger areas, making scanning faster and more efficient. In addition, Laser Line Probe HD's laser generator does not use moving parts that are sensitive to vibration, and the blue laser beam is more stable. Laser generators with moving parts can cause accuracy errors and can affect work efficiency by having to repeat scanning.


Whether for hard probe measurement or laser scanning, the FARO QuantumS ScanArm HD has extremely high performance.
QuantumS ScanArm HD is equipped with the latest FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD, with unmatched non-contact measurement capability, scanning speed 5 times faster than the previous generation, high-speed point cloud capture, high resolution and accuracy, all of which The advantages are integrated in a sophisticated and easy-to-use system.

FARO QuantumM ScanArm HD can also be combined with FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD, the next generation of blue laser technology. QuantumM ScanArm HD provides high-end scanning solutions at competitive prices, enabling more manufacturers to take advantage of this technology.